MIDA Bituminous Membranes

MIDA Bituminous Membranes

MIDA Bituminous Roofing

Torch-on Membrane Range

The MIDA bituminous roofing range includes a specially developed portfolio of torch-on membranes, providing the perfect solution to meet all types of budgets and performance requirements.

MIDA membranes are neatly categorised as either Basic Class, Standard Class or Premium Class. In each category there are carefully selected products offering the ideal choice of durability, flexibility and overall performance.

With established brands and a wide selection of vapour control layers, underlays and cap sheets, the MIDA bituminous roofing range is a firm favourite amongst contractors, distributors and clients alike.

System Benefits

  • Good, better, best approach for ease of selection

  • Choice of weights, thicknesses and other key parameters

  • Wide selection of vapour barriers, underlays & cap sheets

  • Established brands with excellent track record in UK

  • Materials guarantees for complete peace-of-mind

  • 1

    MIDA TECHNOELAST PV S5b Torch-on Cap Sheet

  • 2

    MIDA TECHNOELAST PV S5s Torch-on Underlay

  • 3

    Thermal insulation as specified

  • 4

    Vapour Control Layer as specified

  • 5

    Self-Adhesive Primer

  • 6
    Substrate (e.g. timber deck)