MIDA Bituminous Roof Shingles

MIDA Bitumen Roof Shingles

MIDA Roof Shingles

Roofing Shingles Range

The MIDA range of bitumen roof tiles (shingles) offers a choice in terms of durability, technical parameters and price.

The Classic and Standard Rock collections are manufactured using high quality oxidised bitumen covering mass, and offer good strength and reliability. Meanwhile, the Ultra collection incorporates polymer modified bitumen for enhanced low temperature flexibility, high temperature stability and improved mechanical resistance.

With a selection of colours, shapes and application methods, MIDA Roofing Shingles provide an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting roofing finish.

System Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing roofing finish

  • Choice of colours and performance parameters

  • Excellent waterproofing performance

  • Lightweight and economical

  • Complies with European Standard EN544. Class 1

MIDA Ultra Shingles
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